August 2023


Things You Should Know Before Renting Bikes For Your Journey

For bike lovers or road explorers, motorcycles or bikes are the only means of transportation. They love it by heart, and their passion for bike riding is limitless. But sometimes, you need to travel outside your city or state. You may have left your two-wheeler friend at your own home. How can you then enjoy riding to your destination? Well, renting a bike can save you.

Bikers enjoy the endless pleasure of bike riding to some cool travel destinations. Beautiful travel destinations are unlimited, but traveling to those via public transport systems can be time-consuming and pricey sometimes. Besides, there will be huge traffic problems. Some places are also remote areas where public transport can not reach.

Renting a bike can keep these problems at bay. Renting bikes offers you a lot of interesting factors. It gives the flexibility and free time to explore sightseeing options of the destination you want to reach. Besides, parking facilities will be easier with two-wheelers. While riding bikes, you can get some of the best views to capture.

But you may need to gain proper knowledge of renting bikes for traveling. It is not a tough task to scooter rent anywhere. But before that, you should learn about the place you are going and the rules, if any.

If you plan to rent bikes anywhere, go through this article. You can get to know minute details about renting a bike.

Where to search for bike rental

You can search on Google about any city’s specific bike rental platform. You will find some best bike rental options. You may also find online mobile apps offering bike rental facilities in several cities. Usually, all major tourist destinations have bike rental options so that avid bikers can enjoy their destination with their travel pleasure.

Which documents are important to rent a bike?

To rent a bike, you must showcase a few documents. If you book an online bike rental company, you must upload those online.

Here is the list of documents you should have with you.

  • Original photo identity card
  • Your driving license

Also, when you book a rental bike, collect documents from the rental service center like an interstate travel permit, a valid registration certificate, pollution under control or PUC cards, Vehicle insurance, etc. You can also get all details on RTO vehicle information app.

Things to consider before renting a bike:

Here are some factors that you must consider before renting a bike.

  • Bike condition: the first and foremost thing you must check is the bike’s condition. As you must completely depend on your two-wheeler for the trip, the situation should be top-notch. Check tired and mirrors for rear view. If there is any damage, make sure to go for another choice. Check whether the process of stopping, clutching, shifting, etc, is in perfect condition.
  • Safety gear: always go on a trip with ultimate safety precautions. You must have helmets, jackets, gloves, kneecaps, etc., for extra safety on the road.
  • Pricing: always go for a good value for money. Low prices are always expected but instead of the conditions. Even if the situation is too good and pricey, you should choose that because nothing is more valuable than your life. To get a wholesome price idea, you can compare several different service providers’ websites beforehand. However, it can vary from city to city.
  • Types of bike: you may be going to Himalayan roads. The bike you may need on a steep mountain road will differ from the bike on the plane. Always choose your road partner based on your travel destinations. There are a few varieties like hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, road bikes, city bikes, etc. The chosen option should be comfortable and reliable for you. It is mandatory.
  • Rental contract: when booking a bike for your trip from a bike rental company like Bounce Electric, you must collect the rental agreement from the service provider. The terms and conditions of the service will differ from one to another. But you should go through the detailed terms. Otherwise, you may end up paying extra or missing some offers.
  • Test drive is a must: ask for a test drive before confirming the bike. The roaring engine and smooth gear should be checked thoroughly before paying the deposit to the service provider.

What other things can you follow while renting a bike and going out for a trip?

  • Always carry service providers’ cards with you. It can come in handy when required.
  • Never leave your helmet or other things on a bike, especially in a completely unknown place.
  • Check the speed limit of the destination. You should abide by the law of that place.
  • Refrain from filling the fuel tank.
  • Always know about local weather reports.
  • Carry some tools and equipment with you. It can come in handy if you are in a remote place with no nearby garage.

You have come so far. Hopefully, you have understood what you should do while renting a bike to enjoy and explore new places.

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